Monday, January 2, 2012

We Made it . . . to Madison

Shadow BikesMadison, Turn Left
Bike ParadiseShow of Strength
On the shoreLakeshore
On the ShoreSkating Ducks
CheeseheadThe Real Reason We Moved to WI
A few iPhone shots from our travels to and around Madison. 

After months of packing and prepping, we're finally settled in Madison, Wisconsin! And while it's still a little early to tell, I think I can officially say that we really like it here. Our apartment is fantastic, the city is charming and has everything we'll ever need, the people are extremely friendly, and there's an abundance of cheese. I think we're going to be all right.

Oh and by the way, happy new year!! I've got big plans and high hopes for 2012!!


  1. Gorgeous pictures-love the cheesehead hat and the cheese-and it looks like y'all are managing to keep warm in the Wisconsin Cold! Welcome again to the Midwest, can't wait to see your gorgeous city!

  2. Thanks Holly--we're so glad to be here! We need to start discussing a visit!!