Monday, January 30, 2012

Favorite Spots

What's going on in there?Sasha
Your Majesties
Chinese Fertility Dolls
Fancy CatBobbles
Rumpled Blanket

Are you familiar with Le Dans La? It is one of my favorite blogs. It's short on wordage but high in beautiful snapshots of the author's home life. I don't have her photo talent, adorable kids (yet), or white walls with natural sunlight (yet) but I thought I could still capture a few of my favorite things about our home. The only picture missing right now is one of Piercen tuning the piano as he is doing as I type this. 


  1. You underestimate your photography skills, these are absolutely gorgeous, my friend--stunning. Love, love, love the kitty photos--and I so want one of those jewelery hangers. A thing of beauty in and of itself!

  2. Thanks Holly! The cats are, of course, the star attractions in our place. As for the jewelry holder, it was inspired by an Anthropologie installation in the Brookhaven (Atlanta) store a couple of years ago.