Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big News

Love Madison by LuciusArt
I Love Madison Wisconsin - Wood Block Art Print by LuciusArt

Well, with the movers booked, I guess it's pretty much official--come mid-December, this little Oliver family is moving to Madison, Wisconsin. Piercen got a two-year post doc position at the University of Wisconsin,Madison in the department of Biochemistry, and he starts around the first of January. We'll be visiting Madison around mid-November to look for apartments, and then we'll start the packing process. I'm going to try to keep up my Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog posting schedule until then but with various other things going on in our lives right now, that may not be possible. We'll just have to see how things go. I never thought I'd become a midwesterner, but I'm pretty excited about experiencing life in a new city and new region of the country!

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    And being a Midwesterner is awesome, I think y'all will enjoy it :)

    Congratulations to the Olivers again, can't wait to read blog posts about the glories of WI anon!!!