Friday, September 2, 2011

Sun Sets on Summer

Sunset on Anna Maria Island 3Sunset on Anna Maria Island 4

Sunset on Anna Maria Island 2Sunset on Anna Maria Island 1

Aren't these photos lovely?! I snapped these on Instagram during the family vacay in Florida back in July. They are of two different cloud formations, but with different filters for each photo. I especially like the top, left photo--the colors strike me as moody and mysterious.

I know summer isn't officially over yet, but to me, the start of September has always felt like the beginning of the fall season. I've started to wear light jackets during my work commute, blooming mums have been spotted at the farmers' market, and I'm starting to crave hot tea again--all signs that the season of harvest is upon us.

As excited as I am for the coming of my favorite season, I know that in a few short months, I will be looking back longly at these sunset photos, remembering the warm evening breeze as I stare at the pile of snow in my front walkway and hoping that summer will remember to come back to us.


  1. Stunning photos! I'm also at the stage where I am looking at my mugs less as decoration, and more as potential holders of warm beverages... YES. Of course, I say this as it is 102 outside... but one must start somewhere!

  2. You need to inform the Ill weather gods that it's time to get with the seasonal change!

  3. I think they have listened to me, a bit. The high is going to be in the 80s today. Success!

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