Friday, August 12, 2011

Shop Update

Vintage Dessert Cups
Vintage Dessert Cups

Vintage German 1974-5 Art Exhibit Poster

Vintage Pink Melmac Sugar Bowl and Creamer

Vintage Crewel Embroidery--Floral Arrangement

1. Vintage Milk Glass Dessert Cups with Pedestal Bases 
2. Vintage German "Naive" Art Exhibit, 1974-1975
3. Vintage Pink Melmac Mid-Century Sugar Bowl and Creamer
4. Vintage Floral Arrangement Crewel Embroidery (reserved)

Lastest offerings in the shop. Happy Friday by the way. I plan on hanging out with some friends tonight at Musikfest and (hopefully) getting a lot of shop photos done during the rest of the weekend. Hope your weekend treats you well!


  1. Eat something fried at Musikfest for me--so glad to see the dessert cups up on the shop, the colors are so gorgeous!

  2. The fried oreos are calling my name! And the fried mac & cheese. And the fried pickles . . .

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