Monday, August 8, 2011

Pen Tablet Artistry

About two weeks ago, Pierce and I ordered a Bamboo Pen Tablet. It's a great tool for digital artwork, and I think we'll get a lot of use/fun out of it.

So the tablet came in last weekend, and Pierce and I took turns messing around with it.  Here's what he did with his time:

Piercen's Pen Tablet Work: Rem the 8th

And here's what I did with mine:

Kelli's Pen Tablet: Cats on Crack

Clearly, I'm the artist in the family. 


  1. I actually kind of want posters of both of these, for the cats' room. Not that the cats have a room, but you know. One can dream.

  2. I'll speak with the artists and see if something can be arranged You've got that second bedroom right? Sounds like the perfect cat room to me!

  3. This is true! Though I guess every room becomes the cats' room, in the end...?