Friday, August 5, 2011

New Project: VS Picturebook Vignettes

Vintage Soup "Picturebook" Vignettes Summer 2011

Vintage Soup Picturebook Vignette Summer 2011

Vintage Items
1. Vintage Mid-Century Mint Green Salt and Pepper Shakers
2. Vintage Temporama "Atomic" Bowls
3. Vintage Temporama "Atomic" Plates
4. Vintage Lemon Yellow Juice Jar
5. Vintage Green and Gold Art Nouveau Drinking Glasses
6. Vintage Glass Jars with Wire Bail Closure
7. Vintage Dresser Runner with Roses and Turquoise Detail
8.  Not numbered; featured in the first picture:Vintage Embury Air Pilot Lantern, No. 2

Last weekend I decided to start  a new project for the blog and shop: a Vintage Soup "Picturebook." This "picturebook" will be a photo collection of items from the shop cobbled together to form a "vignette." I would like to put together several of these vignettes for each season and then at the end of the year, put them all together to form a digital catalog of sorts that not only features the items in the shop but also my own stylistic viewpoint. On Saturday, I took the first vignette photos for the 2011 summer. We have this somewhat decrepit shed at the end of our backyard that makes a nice backdrop against which I set the scene for a summer afternoon meal.  I have quite a few summer items still to list, mainly clothes, so I'm going to try to get several more vignette shots done for this summer.  I'm hoping that one day I'll actually get seasonally items in the shop before that season begins instead of waiting until the end.  I can dream right?

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