Friday, August 19, 2011

New in the Shop

Vintage Owl Planter

Vintage Green Snail Planter
1. Vintage Owl Planter in Pumpkin Pie Spice Brown
2. Vintage Snail Planter in Dewy Green

I think these planters are such fun; the owl is perfect for autumn decor, and the snail is a great pop of color to brighten up a dreary day. I have to admit, I did hesitate at first in buying them; I was concerned they were too kitschy for the shop. In the right setting however, they are quite charming, and I'm glad I changed my mind.

This was a rough week for me in terms of getting items in the shop. There was a lot going on: Monday night drinks with the girls, Tuesday night dinner in NYC with Piercen and my college roommate Mandi (pics coming soon), Wednesday night emergency trip to the vet for our sick little Sasha cat (she's fine, bit of a stomach bug). I did get some time on Thursday to play around with Photoshop and learned some neat tricks such as putting text on a curved line, etc. No big plans this weekend; hope to get some end-of-summer Picturebook vignettes done, and Piercen is supposed to work on revamping our bed frame so as to make it more compatible for a smaller apartment (in anticipation of an upcoming move for a post doc position). Beyond that, we just hope to enjoy the slightly cooler temps (we've actually taken the air conditioner units out of the windows!). Cheers to a lovely weekend! 

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