Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Musikfest 2011

Stage and Steel

Old Timey

Four Years of Festing

Piercen Fests

March Fourth Stilts Walker

March Fourth Stilts Walker

March Fourth Stilts Walker

That Looks Painful

Turkey Leg and I Fest

Fry Booth

Love at First Fry

Cast in Bronze

"Bird Man"

Kelli Fests

Lone Fester

Every year, Bethlehem plays host to Musikfest, a huge music-focused festival that takes place during the sizzling week and a half between July and August. This year brought a big development for Musikfest as it moved several of the major stages to the Steel Stacks location under the the shadow of the iconic Southside smokestacks (part of defunct Bethlehem Steel). Pierce and I kept it old-school and stayed mainly on the Northside for our festing activities. On Friday night, along with several friends, we took in what for us was the stand-out group of the fest: MarchFourth. Stick Gogol Bordello in a marching band, add stilts, and you get MarchFourth. They were great!

Earlier in the week, we went down to see our continual favorite, Cast in Bronze. The artist, clad in a Phantom of the Opera-esque outfit, operates a set of bronze carillon bells with the use of overly dramatic gestures and a high-output smoke machine. It's a big crowd pleaser.

While most people probably go to Musikfest for the music, I go for the food, the vast majority of it fried. Although in addition to the usual fried oreos (if you haven't tried these yet, your life is incomplete) and fried cheesecake (ditto), I did get one of those honking large smoked turkey legs. It was so large in fact that after about five bites, I was full. Not one to waste a good turkey leg, I took it home and stuck it in a big pot of beans. Best bean soup we've ever had. And one of the best Musikfests we've ever been too!


  1. Now if only Cast in Bronze would eat some fried Oreos-through his mask-as his grand finale-THAT would be perfect!

  2. I think he would have gotten a standing ovation for that one!

  3. He so would! It would have been truly magical!

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