Friday, July 29, 2011

Shop Update!

VIntage Wooden Carved Book Holder
VIntage Half Hat with Ivory Tulle RosettesVIntage Half Hat with Ivory Tulle Rosettes
Vintage Woodland Crewel Embroidery Framed Artwork
VIntage Red Rimmed White Enamelware

1. Wooden Carved Book Holder (already sold)
2. Vintage Women's Half Hat with Ivory Tulle Rosettes
3. Vintage Woodland Crewel Embroidery Artwork
4. Vintage Red Rimmed Mixing Bowl and Sauce Pot Enamelware

New items in the shop this week!

Hope you have a lovely weekend! Piercen and I are planning to experiment with the camera's settings and filters to see what cool effects we can create; I think we'll hike up South Mountain or maybe visit St. Michael's cemetery for the location. Hopefully the weather will cooperate (I haven't checked the forecast, so this may be premature planning).  And I think I'm going to take the plunge and join Twitter this weekend--yikes!