Monday, July 25, 2011

Recent Thrift Finds

Thrift Find 1

White Beaded Necklace with Floral Pattern
1. Vintage white beaded necklace with floral design (coming soon to the shop!)
2. Vintage green and white houndstooth sweater vest: Van Heusen (this one's staying with me)
3. Vintage purple with floral pattern dress: unknown (this one's also staying with me)

Thrift Finds 2

Thrift Finds 1
1. Vintage check printer: Hedman F&E Company, 900 Series (coming soon to the shop!)
2. Green and floral small bowl: hand-painted in Italy
3. Pink and floral small bowl: hand-painted in Italy
4. Blue floral small bowl: Myott Meakin, made in England
5. Pink skirt: Newport News
6. Green and white top: Divided by H&M

I haven't done much thrift store shopping lately; I'm trying to focus my free time on listing items in the shop and whittling down my overgrown "to-sell" pile. However, I have a hard time staying away. These are some photos of my most recent finds.

And while we're on the subject of photos, here's one that's a bit more grisly:

Grover Had to Die
Sad news from Sesame Street: someone has killed Grover and turned him into a fashionable woman's coat.