Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frenchtown, New Jersey

Pa to NJ
Last weekend, Piercen and I drove to Frenchtown, NJ to have brunch with his best friend, his best friend's girlfriend, and her son.

House ArchitecturePiercen Will Make a Good Dad
Open for Modern LoveBook Table
Frenchtown is a lovely little town that sits along the Delaware River. The shops and homes near the center are charming, and the city maintains a park along the river that serves as a launching point for kayakers and those going down the river in inner-tubes (note to self: tubing is like canoeing for the lazy--need to check into this).

Yard Sale
While waiting for our table for brunch, we spied a yard sale in the alley next to the café and of course had to pay a visit. I haggled with the seller and ended up purchasing the Hedman Check Printer mentioned in my last blog post

Book GardenClassic Frenchtown
After eating, we rambled about the town.

Friends at First Sight
Piercen made a new friend.

Harry Potter FractionsFive and Dime
We spotted a Harry Potter-style sale going on and an old five-and-dime store.

This poor fellow is a bit hard of hearing now.

We had a wonderful visit: good food, sweet friends, lovely town!

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