Thursday, July 21, 2011

The End: Harry Potter

The day before the last Harry Potter movie came out, I thought it would be a good idea to dress Rem and Sasha up as HP himself to celebrate the end of a magical era.

Rem didn't embrace my idea quite as wholeheartedly as I would have liked him too; in fact, he seemed quite depressed about the whole thing.

Sasha was more gung-ho, although her expression here is more Professor McGonagall here than Harry Potter.

I'm not a 12:01am kinda movie-goer, so Piercen and I went to see HP on Friday evening for a date night.

IMG_0346Well Hello Burrito
After the gym, we picked dinner up at Hello Burrito (recommendation: the mango burrito)

. . . saw a cool sign on the side of a brick wall

. . .  and ate dinner at home on the back porch before heading off to the theater.


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie; it was solemn and respectful of the fact that this was the last movie in a series that was important to a lot of people. I'm sad to see it end.


  1. Saw it and it was a good movie. For cats, those two are very patient. I expected more claws and fur and less scarves and glasses.


  2. Hi ralfast,
    Yes indeed, both cats are remarkable tolerant of my shenanigans--we got pretty lucky with those two! Glad you enjoyed the movie as well; thought your blog post on it was quite spot on.