Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Shoot Prep

Photo Shoot Prep
-Vintage sleeveless, royal blue dress.
-Vintage blue velvet hat.
-Vintage yellow straw hat.

Photo Shoot Prep
-Vintage Gabor swimsuit and matching wrap-skirt.

Photo Shoot Prep
-Vintage strapless, sweetheart neckline party dress.

Photo Shoot Prep
-Vintage white roses hat with veil.

Photo Shoot Prep
-Vintage blue, sleeveless dress with white pipping detail.
-Vintage white straw hat.

On Saturday, I gathered up the vintage dresses and accessories that need a photo shoot and planned out the outfits for each shot. By taking a faux polaroid (ShakeIt app on iPhone) of each outfit, the next day I was able to reference back and quickly put on each outfit with the right accessories, and the entire shoot went much faster and smoother than in the past.

I decided to hold the shoot in the morning so that we wouldn't be in the direct sun; consequently the shoot was set to our neighbor's weed-whacking soundtrack.

These item will soon be making their way into the shop!

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