Friday, November 21, 2014

New in the Shops

Eleven Vintage Pink Glass Ball Ornaments
Vintage Shell and Rhinestone Necklace
Six Vintage Metal and Glass Lowball Tumblers with Mid Century Leaf Pattern by Hellerware
Vintage Sterling Silver Leaf Brooch Flora Danica

I really thought I had gotten more done in the shops this week, but apparently not.  I did clean the VS office yesterday, so that's a pretty big deal. In other news . . . I turned 31 on Monday, but other than that, the week past is kinda a blur. We may take Luther to a train show on Saturday; that's about it for our big weekend plans. Have a lovely Friday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

October in WI and MA

Goodbye to Madison
James Madison Park, Madison 
Goodbye to Madison
Lake Mendota, Madison
Goodbye to MadisonGoodbye to Madison
B-Cycle, Madison | WI State Capitol, Madison
Goodbye to Madison
Big Free or Bug Free? Johnson Street, Madison 
Goodbye to Madison
Central Library, Madison
Goodbye to MadisonGoodbye to Madison
Central Library, Madison
Goodbye to Madison
Last minute packing, Madison
Welcome to Arlington
Wet arrival in Arlington; that's our Penske truck. 
Welcome to ArlingtonWelcome to Arlington
Luther and Scout (my mom),  Menotomy Rocks Park, Arlington 
Welcome to Arlington
Menotomy Rocks Park, Arlington
Welcome to Arlington
Menotomy Rocks Park, Arlington

Luther and I started October with goodbye visits to some of our favorite places in Madison, including the James Madison Park, Capitol Square, and the Central Library. I had intended to hit up the Children's Museum and the Olbrich Botanical Gardens as well, but we just ran out of time. Madison was very good to us, and we will miss it.

We had a rainy arrival in Arlington around mid-month, but that didn't stop the beauty and charm of the city from shining through. We've already found some new favorite places, including the Robbins Library and Menotomy Rocks Park. All in all, October was quite a month. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Shops Update

Vintage Soup:

Set of Five Vintage Red BooksLarge Rectangular Vintage Mirror Tray in Filigree Frame
Vintage Wooden Pipe Stand with Lord Chesterfield PipeSet of Five Russian Nesting Dolls with Original Receipt

Vintage Soup Closet:

Vintage Medium Blue Tulle Dress with White and Blue Rose UnderlayVintage XS Cream and Pink Party Dress
Vintage Pink and Purple Cluster Necklace
Small Vintage Tooled Leather BagLarge Vintage Artmex Tooled Leather Purse

Items listed recently in Vintage Soup and Vintage Soup Closet. The dresses I put up before the move, but the rest were added just this week. 

So yesterday, I managed to back our brand new Subaru Outback into the car of the neighbor across the street. Thankfully, the damage to both vehicles was minimal, and I got to meet the neighbor who is super sweet and kind. A blessing in disguise. 

We're making a trip to Ikea on Sat to get some needed items for the new abode and as a pre-birthday treat to me. On Sunday, Luther has a play-date (I loathe that term but don't know what else to call it) with the son of a coworker of P's. And we still have to finish unpacking, and by we, I mean Pierce as it mainly involves hanging pictures on the wall, and I'm not tall enough to do it. Add another line to the Reasons I Love Being Short board. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

August and September in Wisconsin

August in WI August in WI August in WI
Henry Vilas Zoo 
August in WI August in WIAugust in WI
Tenney Park Pier
September in WI September in WISeptember in WI September in WI September in WI
Monona Dream Park
September in WI September in WI September in WI
Eplegaarden (Apple Farm)

The last weeks of summer remained beautiful in Wisconsin; one would be hard-pressed to find a better place to spend the warm months of the year than Madison. In September, we went apple picking for the first time with friends from Piercen's lab. Luther spend almost the entire event happily munching on an apple in the back of the wagon. We left with enough apples to last us all the way through our move to MA, plus the making of a stellar apple pie.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Life Recently

A beautiful, blustery day here in New England. #instaluther #toddler #fall #autumn #newengland #beautifuldayWe found the public library; all is well with the world. #instaluther #toddler #children #library #reading
Beautiful autumn days in New England. 
We found the public library; all is well with the world.
Boxes of vintage goodies to be cleaned, photographed, and listed in the shops. So much work to be done. #vintage #vintagesoup #vintagesoupcloset #smallbusinessUpdating our address info is taking its toll. I've clearly given up and am perusing much more pleasant websites. #moving #newhome
All of the Vintage Soup stock survived the move intact! Lots of "new" items to be listed. 
Dealing with the nitty gritty of moving to a new place has taken its toll on P. 
We also made paper hats. #guyfawkesday #paperhats #wemaybetheonlyamericanswhocelebratethisholiday #instalutherI'm so proud . . . #texaspete #hotsauce #instaluther #toddler #children #motherhood #food
Celebrating Guy Fawkes Day with paper hats. 
Working on upping Luther's heat/spice tolerance. 

Recent pics from my instagram feed. Piercen had his first week at Nano Terra, and all went well. The people are friendly, the atmosphere relaxed, and the projects exciting and challenging. On the home front, Luther and I went to the Storytime for Toddlers at the local library (which also happens to be the country's oldest continuously run free children's library), did some neighborhood walks, and managed to make it to the grocery store without getting lost or maimed by insane (and inane) Massachusetts drivers. I also finished unpacking all of the Vintage Soup/Vintage Soup Closet stock and was very pleased to find not one broken piece. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014 Halloween 2014Halloween 2014 Halloween 2014Halloween 2014 Halloween 2014Halloween 2014 Halloween 2014 Halloween 2014 Halloween 2014Halloween 2014 Halloween 2014 Halloween 2014
It was only after taking all this pictures that we realized we had forgotten to put shoes on the space captain. 

Pics from our first Halloween in Massachusetts (for previous celebrations, see Halloween 2013 and Halloween 2012). A couple of days beforehand, we carved the pumpkins we purchased from Wilson Farm. Or rather Piercen and I did as Luther would take out a handful or two of pumpkin innards from his pumpkin and then declare, "that's yucky, that's yucky. Imma go drink my cider," and refuse to do anymore for about ten minutes. He went as an astronaut in the costume my mom had bought him and that Piercen tricked out with some neon tube lighting. It took a couple of houses, but he got the "trick or treat!" refrain down and was declared absolutely adorable by all. Afterwards, we went home and ate dinner while watching the Adams Family movie. 
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