Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thrifted What I Wore: Late Pregnancy Edition

Thrifted What I wore, Pregnantly: everything on me was thrifted; L's two shirts were thrifted. #wiw #twiw #thrifted #thrifting #thriftfashion #thriftedwhatiwore #whatiwore #kidsfashion #kidsthriftedfashion #instalutherThrifted What I Wore, Pregnantly: everything on me but the yellow tank and the jewelry is thrifted. On L, all the clothes under his space suit are thrifted. #thrifted #thrifting #thriftfashion #thriftedwhatiwore #whatiwore #instaluther
Dress: Motherhood, Sister Thrift in Watertown
Shirt: About a Girl, Savers in Madison (WI)
Leggings: not thrifted
Scarf: gift from mother-in-law
Boots: unknown brand, Savers in Madison (WI)
Earrings (which you can't see): Sister Thrift in Watertown

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft, Sister Thrift in Watertown
Jeans: do not remember if thrifted or not
Shoes: unknown brand, Savers in Madison (WI)
Glasses: no brand, Sister Thrift in Watertown
Necklace: gift from Piercen
Thrifted What I Wore, Pregnantly: everything on me but the sweater is thrifted. You can't really see them but I'm wearing killer earrings. On L, everything is thrifted but the shoes. Also, his sweater has elbow patches. #instaluther #whatiwore #thrifted #Pre-Messiah posing next to the Christmas tree. #merrychristmas #messiah #friendship
Sweater: not thrifted
Jeans: Indigo Blue, Savers in Madison (WI)
Shoes: unknown brand, Savers in Madison (WI)
Necklace: made by me from various thrifted and salvaged pieces

Dress: Forever 21, St. Vincent De Paul's, Madison (WI)
Leggings: not thrifted
Boots: unknown brand, American Family Thrift, Hellertown (PA)
Necklace: gift from Piercen

Some of my more recent thrifted outfits; there have not been as many as I would like. For a month or two after the move, I was too scared of Massachusettian driving habits to venture beyond the beaten paths I knew in search of thrift stores. This meant that when I really, desperately needed more maternity clothes, I was left only with Old Navy as it was right next to the grocery store. Not one of my finer shopping or fashion moments. However, Luther and I have ventured out since then to both Watertown's Sister Thrift and Somerville's Goodwill without any traffic incidents, and I've been able to ease my way back into the good graces of the thrifting gods and into clothes that actually cover the Great Expanding Belly. 

On a weather-related note, we survived yesterday's Great January Blizzard of 2015, and for the first time in two weeks, I'm grateful that Sinclair decided to not make her entrance into the world just yet. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Cloud Mobile for Baby Sinclair

Sinclair's Crib Mobile Sinclair's Crib MobileSinclair's Crib Mobile Sinclair's Crib MobileSinclair's Crib Mobile

I finished up the cloud mobile for Sinclair last week, and Pierce hung it above the crib in our room. Luther's mobile has been hanging above his toddler bed since we moved, and he's pretty excited that Sinclair gets one too. I was a little concerned that the colors would be too "bohemian circus tent," but I really like how they work together, especially in our slightly lavender painted bedroom. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Prepping for Baby: Luther Gets a Baby Doll

Luther's Baby Doll: Maya Luther's Baby Doll: MayaLuther's Baby Doll: Maya Luther's Baby Doll: Maya Luther's Baby Doll: Maya Luther's Baby Doll: MayaLuther's Baby Doll: Maya Luther's Baby Doll: Maya Luther's Baby Doll: MayaLuther's Baby Doll: Maya

When I was 2 yrs old, my aunt and uncle gave me a baby doll right before my brother was born to help me adjust to upcoming upheaval. I have no idea how I took brother Tim's arrival, but Baby Joey was my favorite toy for a long time.

To prepare Luther for his baby sister's arrival, we bought him a Corolle doll, and I altered some old newborn clothes for it and made some cloth diapers. Piercen put together a doll bed we bought from Ikea, and we set it all up for him to wake to on New Year's Day. He was pretty thrilled, promptly named her "Maya" (after we vetoed naming her "Raisin"), and after taking her clothes off and on multiple times, he introduced her to his Duplo legos. Since then, he insists that she sleeps right next to his bed (just as we have the crib set up in our room), and that he be the one to put her in her "car seat," a wooden basket outfitted with blankets, every time we go somewhere. I think he's going to adjust to the new baby just fine. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

December in Massachusetts

Luther turns 2.5! 
Luther's Half Birthday
Catherine came for a visit a couple of weeks before Christmas. 
Messiah Concert with Catherine
Catherine's Visit
Menotomy Park
Menotomy ParkMenotomy Park
Menotomy Park
Gifts from Oma on Christmas Eve. 
Christmas from Oma
Santa brought Luther a toy kitchen set. 
Christmas 2014
Robbins Farm Park
Robbins Farm Park
Robbins Farm Park Robbins Farm ParkRobbins Farm ParkRobbins Farm Park
Robbins Farm Park
We had a quick reunion in Lowell with Kelly as she made her way to New Hampshire to visit family. 
Meetup with Kelly
Meetup with Kelly Meetup with Kelly

Happy New Year! What better way to start out than recapping the last month of 2014. We celebrated Luther's half birthday on the 3rd in our usual way with his birthday dinner of choice (chili) and half cupcakes for all. In early December, Catherine came up from D.C. and treated me to the Messiah concert at Trinity Church. Piercen took a couple of days off at Christmas, and the three of us explored local parks and found the perfect sledding hill (and an incredible view of Boston) for whenever the snow gods decide to bless us. On the 21st, Pierce and I hired a sitter for Luther for the first time ever, so that we could go out and celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary with a real date. Christmas was spent at home with lots of Facetiming with family. I got my first massage, courtesy of my brother and sister's generous gift card for my birthday, and now that's all I ever want as a gift. At the end of the month, we met up with our friend Kelly in Lowell where we imbibed coffee, sushi, and the history of the textile industry. And I wish I could tell you that we closed out the year with mad partying, but we just watched a movie (during which I fell asleep), and we were in bed with the lights off at 11:45pm.

And now we can't wait for 2015 to start unfolding. We'll have a new baby soon with new routines and new family dynamics. Locals keep promising large snowfalls in Jan and Feb, and Luther can't wait to try out his new snow boots. We have plans to start container gardening in Feb, and all are looking forward to visits from the grandmas once the baby arrives.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

November in Massachusetts

My Birthday 11-17-14
My birthday morning.
Thanksgiving 2014Thanksgiving 2014
Thanksgiving day rides with Ryan. 
Thanksgiving 2014Thanksgiving 2014
A visit to the King Arthur Bakery Center
Madison ReminderMenotomy Park
A reminder of Madison: little free libraries.  | Park time with Papa. 
Menotomy Park

Pics from November both in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. My birthday is in mid-November, and the boys made it special with my favorite meal (tacos) for dinner and a homemade cake. We spent a lovely Thanksgiving in New Hampshire with my good friend Tricia, her husband Ryan, and their dog Sanders. The rest of the month is kinda a blur, but I know we finally finished unpacking our last box by the end of it and started feeling a little more adjusted to the area.

Friday, November 21, 2014

New in the Shops

Eleven Vintage Pink Glass Ball Ornaments
Vintage Shell and Rhinestone Necklace
Six Vintage Metal and Glass Lowball Tumblers with Mid Century Leaf Pattern by Hellerware
Vintage Sterling Silver Leaf Brooch Flora Danica

I really thought I had gotten more done in the shops this week, but apparently not.  I did clean the VS office yesterday, so that's a pretty big deal. In other news . . . I turned 31 on Monday, but other than that, the week past is kinda a blur. We may take Luther to a train show on Saturday; that's about it for our big weekend plans. Have a lovely Friday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

October in WI and MA

Goodbye to Madison
James Madison Park, Madison 
Goodbye to Madison
Lake Mendota, Madison
Goodbye to MadisonGoodbye to Madison
B-Cycle, Madison | WI State Capitol, Madison
Goodbye to Madison
Big Free or Bug Free? Johnson Street, Madison 
Goodbye to Madison
Central Library, Madison
Goodbye to MadisonGoodbye to Madison
Central Library, Madison
Goodbye to Madison
Last minute packing, Madison
Welcome to Arlington
Wet arrival in Arlington; that's our Penske truck. 
Welcome to ArlingtonWelcome to Arlington
Luther and Scout (my mom),  Menotomy Rocks Park, Arlington 
Welcome to Arlington
Menotomy Rocks Park, Arlington
Welcome to Arlington
Menotomy Rocks Park, Arlington

Luther and I started October with goodbye visits to some of our favorite places in Madison, including the James Madison Park, Capitol Square, and the Central Library. I had intended to hit up the Children's Museum and the Olbrich Botanical Gardens as well, but we just ran out of time. Madison was very good to us, and we will miss it.

We had a rainy arrival in Arlington around mid-month, but that didn't stop the beauty and charm of the city from shining through. We've already found some new favorite places, including the Robbins Library and Menotomy Rocks Park. All in all, October was quite a month. 
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