Monday, September 11, 2017

Luther Becomes a Kindergartener

Untitled Untitled
He chose this pose. 
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Our sweet Luther boy started kindergarten last week. He was excited about it and so confident, not nervous at all. He and Sinclair got themselves ready quickly, and we paused for pictures before starting on our way. Those Superman poses were all his idea. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to school, so we chatted as we walked and sang songs about starting kindergarten and ballet since Sinclair would be having her first class at the YMCA later. The school courtyard was filled with other new kindergarteners and their parents and their cameras.  I prayed with Luther, then his teacher came out, had his class line up, and off inside they went. Fortunately, I had brought tissues with me. Then Sinclair and I walked back home to get ready for our yoga and ballet classes. I was bummed and a little weepy through most of the morning so it was good to have those distractions. When Sinclair and I returned in the afternoon to pick him up, he came running out grinning from ear to ear: "Mama, I love kindergarten!"

Exactly what I was hoping to hear.  

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cities - by - the - Sea: Manchester and Rockport

Cities by the sea
In downtown Manchester-by-the-Sea
Cities by the sea Cities by the sea Cities by the sea
At the start of Bearskin Neck, the location of the original settlement previously known as Sandy Neck. 
Cities by the sea Cities by the sea
Cities by the sea Cities by the sea Cities by the sea Cities by the sea
Alley spaces reveal ocean views. 
Cities by the sea Cities by the sea Cities by the sea Cities by the sea

A few Sundays ago, we skipped church and drove to the North Shore. We passed briefly through Manchester-by-the-Sea, pausing to walk out to the harbor and take a few pictures of this charming town. Then we moved on to Rockport, where we took advance of their Park-N-Ride shuttle service (which I highly recommend). We got off at the beginning of Bearskin Neck, a collection of streets that head toward the coast that are filled with very charming shops, eateries (almost all seafood, heavy on lobster), and artist galleries. We stopped for lunch (hot buttered lobster roll + fish and chips) and dessert (ice-cream + apple strudel) and walked out to the rocky neck that wraps around the harbor. We had carried our beach stuff with us so we walked on to Front Beach and spent a couple of hours digging in the sand and cooling off in the freezing water. I even got in the water up to my neck and did not have a salt-water induced anxiety attack (a real sign of maturity for me, just ask my parents).

I normally despise summer and spend July and August counting down the days until fall begins. However, this outing and our trip a week before to Crane Beach has helped me to appreciate summer activities, and I'm hopeful that next year I will embrace the season earlier and more fully. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sinclair's Half Birthday

Sinclair's half birthday
Finger sign for 2.5. 
Untitled Sinclair's half birthday Sinclair's half birthdayMeeting of the minds. 
We spent the day with our neighbors at the Franklin Park Zoo
Sinclair's half birthday Sinclair's half birthday Sinclair's half birthday Sinclair's half birthday Sinclair's half birthday Untitled
Homemade pineapple cupcakes with coconut icing and sugared spiderwort flowers. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Our little love turned 2.5 recently. On her semi-big day, we visited the Franklin Park Zoo for the first time with our neighbor who has two boys close to the ages of S and L. It's a good zoo with some exhibits/animals I had never seen before (like an anteater).  Of course, the kids' favorite part was the huge playground. Back home, I finished up the cupcakes that I had made earlier in the morning. I had played fast and loose with the recipe, which did not end too well. Among other mistakes,  I discovered that one shouldn't just dump in a can of pineapple into cake batter and expect good result.s Fortunately they still looked nice, and the kids and P aren't too picky about taste. We sang "Happy Half Birthday" and she blew out her one candle. It was a good day.

Happy half birthday sweet girl! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Luther's Summer Visit with Grandparents

Luther visits grandparents.
With both sets of grandparents! My parents on the left; P's parents on the right. 
Luther visits grandparents.
Luther made me a picture of himself so that I could look at it when I missed him too much. 
Luther visits grandparents. Untitled
Pottery painting with Scout. He had trouble remember "Wolverine" so he called it "Walgreens."
Luther visits grandparents. Luther visits grandparents. Luther visits grandparents.
He went to Sunday School with my parents and found a friend who looked just like him. 
Luther visits grandparents.
Train ride through the Smoky Mountains. 
Luther visits grandparents. Luther visits grandparents. Luther visits grandparents.
Morning stroll along the Lake Lanier where P's parents live. 
Luther visits grandparents.
With George the dog.
Luther visits grandparents. Luther visits grandparents.
Splash pad with Nana. 
Luther visits grandparents.
With Luther away, we got to lavish Sinclair with time and attention. 
Luther visits grandparents.
We met Piercen for a picnic lunch one day near Fresh Pond in Cambridge. 
We took the T into Boston for an evening in the city. 
Luther visits grandparents.
We played for a long time in the fountains along the Greenway, and then rode the aquarium carousel. 
Luther visits grandparents. Luther visits grandparents.
Delighted to see our boy again! 

This summer, while Piercen, Sinclair, and I returned home to Massachusetts, Luther stayed behind for a week-long visit with my parents in Tennessee and then another week in Georgia with Piercen's parents. To say that he had a grand time would be a massive understatement. 

Piercen and I got to spend a lot of one-on-one time with Sinclair which was a blessing. We certainly missed our boy though, and Sinclair was so lonely without him around!