Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Sinclair!

Sinclair, age 1, likes Sinclair Turns One Sinclair Turns One Sinclair Turns One Sinclair Turns One Sinclair Turns One Sinclair Turns One Sinclair Turns One Sinclair Turns One

Our littlest love turned one this past Thursday. I have more photos of her big day coming later, but I thought I'd put these up now. About a week before, I did a little photo shoot of her on our bed, so that I could do her "Sinclair, age 1, likes . . ." photo. She was a pretty good sport about it, and Luther helped to keep her entertained with various antics. Our dearest girl, happy birthday! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Australia Day 2016

For the full treasury page and links to these items, go here

Vintage Soup and Vintage Soup Closet have a lot of customers from Down Under, so right around Jan 26th, I like to honor their country's big day with a treasury of choice items that either celebrate Australia or are made by Aussie Etsians.  

Also, when I was looking up whether or not I should capitalize "Down Under," I was reminded of this gem and feel that you should be too. 

One time, years ago, my spin instructor allowed us to choose our favorite songs for a class playlist. This was song was my contribution; my instructor was not nearly as amused as I was. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween everyone! #happyhalloween #halloween2015 #instaluther #instasinclair #costume #farmers #children #childhood Farmer girl. #instasinclair #happyhalloween #halloween2015 #children #childhood #costume #farmer Farmer boy. #instaluther #happyhalloween #halloween2015 #costume #children #childhood #farmer

Playing catch-up with events from 2015. For Halloween this past year, Luther wanted to be a farmer. Ok, that was fine. I thought Sinclair could be a little Jersey cow and then wouldn't that be adorable? When I proposed this to Luther, he broke out in sobs: "but Mama, I want Sinclair to be a farmer too, just like me!" So, Sinclair was a farmer on her first Halloween.

Piercen's brother Lance, and his girlfriend (now fiancé) Heather were here visiting, and we all went out trick-or-treating. It was the first time we'd met some of the neighbors farther down the street, and what a nice group of people they are. Many fawned all over the kids and commiserated with Luther when he told them how scared he was by the various ghoulish decorations. Sinclair enjoyed being bounced up and down as we walked. When we got home, we continued our yearly tradition of watching Wallace and Gromit's "The Curse of the Were Rabbit." Despite Sinclair's expression in the first picture, we all had a grand time.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Behind the Scenes: January 2016

Behind the Scenes: Jan 2016 Behind the Scenes: Jan 2016 Behind the Scenes: Jan 2016 Behind the Scenes: Jan 2016 Behind the Scenes: Jan 2016 Behind the Scenes: Jan 2016 Behind the Scenes: Jan 2016 Behind the Scenes: Jan 2016 Behind the Scenes: Jan 16 Behind the Scenes: Jan 2016 Behind the Scenes: Jan 2016

Loving that wallpaper right? Trust me, it's on the house To-Do (or Get-Rid-Of) list.

So I thought I'd start doing a monthly feature on the Vintage Soup/Vintage Soup Closet office. To have a visual snapshot of what's going on that month, what items are being prepped and listed, what toys the kids are in to, what disasters they've made on the floor. That sort of thing.

As you can see from the overflowing shelves, I have a massive ton of stuff that needs to be cleaned, photographed and listed. Just because I kinda stopped listing stuff during Sinclair's first year does mean that I stopped buying it.

There are rolls of toilet paper everywhere because while we have no actual tissues, we still have runny noses.

I have yet to get my Christmas thank-you notes written; hence the pile of Christmas cards.

Last week, I went on a hunt through the house to find a better location to photograph the clothes for Vintage Soup Closet. While I found what I think will be a good spot, it means that everything in that shop needs to have its main picture reshot so that every listing has a uniform look. That's my big project for this week.

Friday, January 15, 2016

New in the shop

Vintage Lemon Pitcher
Vintage Leather Camel
Vintage Paddlewheel Boat Dessert Plates

Fairly good week. P. is still dealing with ILLNESS, and has been going to bed super early. I've been staying up late to get listings and blog posts ready, and taking care of all the other little things that need to be done. The weather turned pretty cold, but I'm trying to not let that trap us indoors. We visited the Little Fox thrift store in Arlington on Wednesday to find Luther some pants he can wear to church. On Thursday, we went to the library's preschool story time and attended our church's monthly community dinner. Today, I have a doctor's appointment in Arlington. Three days in a row we've gotten out of the house. Sinclair is in that difficult stage where she's kinda ready for going down to just one nap a day, but not quite there. Luther is talking CONSTANTLY. There's not a moment of peace, but he's also started telling his own, quite detailed, stories which is really fun to hear.  Not sure what prompted it, but his little brain is starting to grapple with the idea of death and what that means. How do you explain heaven to a child who views everything in the very literal, very present sense? How do you explain that death comes to all of us, but probably won't come to him for a very long time? How do you assure your child that you will always be with them when you know you won't? Difficult stuff. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sinclair Plays Peek A Boo

Play with me! Peek-A-Boo Sinclair Peek-A-Boo Sinclair Peek-A-Boo SinclairPeek-A-Boo Sinclair Peek-A-Boo Sinclair Peek-A-Boo Sinclair
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Sinclair's favorite game these days in peek-a-boo; she has the best little laugh. To see Luther playing peek-a-boo at a similar age, go here.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Month in Review: October and November

October 2015 October 2015October 2015
November 2015November 2015 November 2015 November 2015 November 2015November 2015 November 2015

In October we took the T down to Cambridge to watch the regatta crewing races. It was quite chilly, so we didn't stay for too long. Luther spent most of his time rolling around in the leaves, and Sinclair spent her time trying to eat leaves.

The weather stayed pretty warm through the end of November, so on Thanksgiving weekend  we took a family hike through the Middlesex Fells. We had a quiet Thanksgiving Day with just us and our favorite traditional dishes. It was lovely.

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