Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Boy or Girl?

Wood Top Blue Mobile and Iron Top Pink Mobile by lifework 

Today we find out the sex of Baby O #2. I'll check back in later to let you know . . .


Monday, September 15, 2014

So . . . We're Moving!

Boston for VS.jpg
Boston, MA Skyline Blue Card Printed on Recycled Paper Size A2 by loosepetals 

Make that "Soon to be Greetings from Boston." Actually, make that "Soon to be Greetings from Arlington," assuming that our new landlady doesn't back out last minute; we're still waiting to hear that she's signed her part of the lease. Pierce recently accepted a position as Senior Scientist at Nano Terra in Cambridge, and we're moving to the area in mid-late October.

I'm planning on keeping both shops open until about a week before we move and then hopefully reopening them around the first of November.

Now to pack. And to dream of the future in New England.  Happy weekend!

UPDATE  (9-16-14):
The new landlady signed! We're good to go!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Etsy Back-to-School Picks

S_PS_A Bohemian Back to School Treasury
A collection of Etsy finds for the 2014 back-to-school season. 

16. Old Map Journal

I've always loved the "Back-to-School" season of each year. Growing up in Florida, it was basically the only marker of the transition from summer to fall, as palm trees and pines don't really change color. As a child, I found summer to be oddly depressing time. I needed the schedule and routine of the school year to feel at peace, and so "back-to-school" always came as a relief. Now an adult, I can institute the needed order and routine no matter the time of year, but back-to-school television ads and local news stories still bring a feeling of joy and a sigh of "finally."

In celebration of this anticipated period, I picked out some of my favorite back-to-school items from various Etsy shops. Quite unplanned, there appeared a theme of reds, golds, nature, the unique, etc that would well suit a bohemian soul facing the start and promise of another school year.

In family news, Piercen gets back from Boston tonight. Luther and I have been drowning our loneliness in cheese dip and chocolate chip cookies. Luther keeps randomly stopping what he is doing to pray things like "Dear Jesus, thank you,  Papa, work, choo-choos, airplanes. Amen." It's both adorable and really sad at the same time.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Recently

I'm sure that Luther will grow up to be many things in life . . . #instaluther #toddler #children #sports #athleteBut I'm not sure that "gifted athlete" will be one of things. #instaluther #toddler #children #sports #athlete
Clearly, we have some practicing to do. 
He's really good at mauling people. #helpme #instaluther #toddler #childrenToday's vintage finds: horse sconce lamp and a decorative tissue box cover. I can't be the only person who refuses to buy tissues because the boxes they come in are so ridiculously boring.   More deets on these and the clothes I got for me and L are over
Attack mom mode. | Recent thrift finds. 
Oliver men on a Sunday afternoon. #latergram #instaluther #toddler #children #fatherhoodHottest day of the year so far, and he insists on curling up with a blanket. #gofigure #seasonalconfusion #instaluther #toddler #children
Menfolk, outside. | Always wants a blanket, even when it's a 1000 degrees outside. 

Happy Monday! Some recent pics from my instagram account. We've get a big week coming up: Piercen heads to Boston, I'll be a single parent overnight for the first time ever, and the one and only Holly Kent arrives on Friday for a much anticipated weekend visit.  Oh, and I'm planning on getting Vintage Soup Closet stocked up as much as possible in the midst of the craziness. Should be an interesting couple of days. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

New in the VS Shop

Two Vintage Pink Depression Glass Serving DishesTwo Vintage Asian Style Pink Depression Glass Serving Dishes
Eight Vintage Mikasa Nordic Salad PlatesEight Vintage Mikasa Nordic Dinner Plates
Vintage Mikasa Nordic Serving Platter
Vintage Mid Century Walnut Wood Ice BucketFour Vintage Blood Red Footed Goblet Tumbler Glasses, Avon Cape Cod
Vintage Wooden Spools with Shades of Blue Thread, Winter and Ice CollectionNine Vintage Blue and Green Wooden Thread Spools, Ocean Hues Collection
Nine Vintage Wooden Spools with Pink Thread: Blush Tones CollectionFifteen Vintage Wooden Spools with Pink, Orange, Maroon, and Brown Thread: Bohemian Autumn Collection
Twenty One Vintage Gray and White Wooden Spool Threads, Beach Tones CollectionTwelve Wooden Spools with Green Gold Thread, Woodland Hues Collection
Twenty One Wooden Spools with Gray and Cream Thread: Beach Tones | Twelve Wooden Spools with Green and Gold Thread: Woodland Hues
Four Vintage Japanese Floral Plates and Footed MugsLarge Vintage Green Blue Ombre Glass Bowl Dish
Four Vintage Japanese Flower Plates and Pedestal Mugs | Large Vintage Green Blue Ombre Glass Bowl

Recent Vintage Soup shop offerings from the past two weeks; really hoping to get some more items into Vintage Soup Closet next week. Piercen travels to Boston on Tuesday, so much of the weekend will be spent helping him prepare for that. It's also supposed to be absurdly hot here this weekend (have I mentioned we only have/are allowed one window AC unit? Like for the entire apartment?), so I suspect we'll be spending some quality time at the pool behind our complex. Maybe if the water is warm enough we can convince Luther to get in without him acting like we're committing toddlericide.  

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thrifted What I Wore (Pregnantly)

Thrifted What I Wore: Tuesday Edition. On me, everything is thrifted except the shoes. On L, ditto. Also, it's so cold outside that we're wearing pants. In July. #ridiculous #wiw #whatiwore #thrifted #thrifting #thriftculture #thriftfashionThrifted What I Wore: on me, everything except the watch is thrifted. On L, his shirt is thrifted. #wiw #whatiwore #thrifted #thrifting #thriftfashion #thriftculture
On the left:
Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft  from St. Vinny's.   
Pants: The Limited from St. Vinny's on Willy Street. 
Belt: not thrifted
Shoes: Clarke's from American Family Thrift (Hellertown, PA)
Bracelet: garage sale
Earrings: gift from my mom from Black Horse Auction Thrift Store

And on the right:
Dress: American Eagle from St. Vinny's 
Shirt: Divided from . . . ? I've had it awhile, but I know it was thrifted. 
Shoes: Clarke's from American Family Thrift (Hellertown, PA)
Watch: not thrifted
Earrings: Savers
Thrifted What I Wore: Monday & Pregnant Edition: everything is thrifted but the tank under the dress that you can't see anyways. #thrifted #thrifting #thriftculture #thriftfashion #whatiwore #thriftanthology #thriftedwhatiworeThrifted What I Wore: Tuesday Edition. Everything but the earrings (which were a gift from Dad. Thanks Dad) is thrifted. Also, I take back every negative thing I said about winter. Summer heat is definitely the worst. #wiw #whatiwore #thrifted #thrifting
On the left:
Dress: Unknown (tag is missing) from St. Vinny's 
Skirt: Spense from St. Vinny's
Tank: not thrifted
Shoes: Clarke's from American Family Thrift (Hellertown, PA)
Bracelet: garage sale
Earring: gift from my mom from Black Horse Auction Thrift Store

And on the right:
Dress: Unknown (tag is missing) from St. Vinny's
Scarf:  . . . ? I've had it forever; it's thrifted.
Shoes: Clarke's from American Family Thrift (Hellertown, PA)
Earrings: gift from my dad
Thrifted What I Wore: Saturday Edition. Every thing on me but the shoes are thrifted. I told Luther to smile for the camera, and he obliged. #thrifted #thrifting #thriftculture #thriftfashion #thriftedwhatiwore #whatiwore #wiw #instaluther #toddlerThrifted What I Wore: Thursday Edition. Everything thrifted but my shoes. #wiw #whatiwore #thrifted #thrifting #thriftculture #thriftfashion #thriftedwhatiwore
On the left:
Shirt: Mudd from Savers
Vest: Peer Tee from Savers
Skirt: Valia from a thrift store (Georgia); gift from mother-in-law
Shoes: not thrifted
Bracelet: garage sale
Earrings: Savers
Necklace: Savers

And on the right:
Dress: I cut the tag out awhile ago , so I'm not sure of the brand, but it's from Savers
Shirt: Unknown brand (I cut out the tag) from St. Vinny's
Shoes: not thrifted
Earrings: bridesmaid's gift from a friend
Thrifted What I Wore: Monday and Pregnant Edition. My shirt is thrifted. Luther's ensemble is all thrifted except for the shoes and backpack. #instaluther #thrifted #thrifting #thriftculture #Thrifted What I Wore: Monday and Pregnant Edition. My shirt isAnd this one just because I think it's funny. #instaluther #smarmy #allsmiles #toddler #children
On the left and right:
Shirt: Brand unknown (I cut out the tag) from American Family Thrift Store (Hellertown, PA)
Short: not thrifted (maternity) 
Shoes: not thrifted
Watch: gift from parents
Earrings: gift from a friend

Well, it's happened--I've had to pull out the maternity wear. Mostly for the pants and shorts. About 75% of my preggo wardrobe is thrifted. Fortunately, I don't have a penchant for particularly tight clothing in my non-pregnant state, so most of my shirts will accommodate the expanding belly situation for a good long while yet. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Life Recently

Singing along. #instaluther #toddler #children #pianoman #singing #pianoThe boys built a Lego pirate ship this morning. They're pretty proud of themselves. #instaluther #fatherhood #legos #pirateship
A piano sing-along. | Building a lego pirate ship. 
Luther woke up early, so these were my working conditions this morning. #toddler #children #workingmother #vintagesoupAlso, the vintage ruby pink sugar bowl and creamer I'm posting later today in the shop are toddler approved. #toddler #children #vintagesoup #etsyshop
Luther woke up early one morning so we did some Vintage Soup and truck work together. | He also tested out my wares. Kid approved. 
And this one just because I think it's funny. #instaluther #smarmy #allsmiles #toddler #childrenThis is what he does when I start to vacuum. #instaluther #bookworm #toddler #children #reading #idontdochores
Cheeseing it up for a Thrifted What I Wore instagram pic. | This is what he does every time I vacuum the living room. 
Trying to get the shop packed up for the eventual move. My assistant is less than helpful. #cantfindgoodhelpthesedays #vintagesoup #instaluther #toddler #children #movingL. lost Uncle "Zipper" for a minute; then he found him. Happiness ensued.  #instaluther #toddler #children #unclehood
Luther's been "helping" me pack up the VS and VSC shops (shops are still open!) for the eventual move. | Summertime fun. 

Some of last week's pictures from my instagram account. Luther's two-year molars are coming in; combine that with him trying to go through the night without wetting his bed equals some earlier mornings for him than I would like, but we're making it through. I started packing Vintage Soup and Vintage Soup Closet items up in boxes both for organizational purposes and for the eventual move to Piercen's eventual new job locale. Even if we don't move before the baby comes, I'll be sharing my office with Luther's "new" bedroom so my things need to be put into a safer, more out-of-the-way setup. 

Speaking of L's bedroom, P's almost got the vintage toddler bed I found on Craigslist repainted and ready to go. Hopefully, I'll have pictures done soon so that I can show you.  Hope you are having a great start to your week! 

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